The Bodrogközi European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability was registered on 11.04.2012 and brings together 17 settlements on the Hungarian-Slovak border. The EGTC’s operational area covers a total of 243,7 km2 in the landscapes of Medzibodrožie, Bodrog and Tisza rivers, Long-erdő Természetvédelmi Terület, Vinohradnícka oblasť and CHKO Latorica. The EGTC is based in Miskolc and has a total population of 12 579.

The objectives of the Bodrogközi EGTC are:

  • the establishment and maintenance of cooperation between its members covering the scope of regional development and rural development activities, as well as other areas affected by the cooperation in its territory which have an impact on economic and social cohesion.