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    Sabine Zillmer, Sebastian Hans, Christian Lüer, Amparo Montán, Maria Toptsidou (Spatial Foresight);

    Bernd Schuh, Chien-Hui Hsiung (ÖIR);

    Pietro Celotti, Paola Le Moglie (t33)

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    English (EN)



EGTC monitoring report 2016 and impacts of Schengen area crisis on the work of EGTCs


The EGTC monitoring reports are part of the regular monitoring exercise of the European Committee of the Regions on the annual progress and development of the EGTC instrument. The EGTC monitoring report 2016 gives an overview of the current state of play, focusing on the activities and development of the 65 EGTCs currently in place. It provides analysis of national legislation development toward the implementation of the amended EGTC Regulation (EU) No 1302/2013, it reviews the activity of the EGTCs, their evolution and it presents EGTC under construction.