European perspective



  • Author

    Tobias Chilla, Franziska Sielker, Frank Othengrafen

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    English (EN)



Governance diffusion in Europe – the EGTC tool and its spatial implementation patterns


European Integration has led to the development of a vast variety of European territorial cooperation (ETC) tools and these tools spread all over Europe, helping cooperation and interaction between regions and people. The latest examples of ETC forms are macro‐regional strategies and European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC).

The EGTCs have experienced remarkable development, namely, 57 EGTCs are currently in the implementation process. The EGTC tool has developed more as a tool for tailor‐made implementation for multiple purposes, including networking facilitation to the implementation of transport corridors. The paper gives an introduction to the EGTC tool, it describes its methodology, its institutional frame and it explains the dynamics of its geographical spreading over the European continent during the last decade.