Literature of particular Hungarian EGTCs



  • Author

    Tamás Sikos T., László Szarka

  • Year of publication


  • Language

    Hungarian (HU), Slovak (SK)



Kisebbségek és kulturális közösségek az Ister-Granum Eurorégióban – Menšiny a Kultúrne Spoločenstvá v Euregióne Ister-Granum


The idea of the European unity was a distant utopia, an impracticable intellectual idea during the 20th century isolation of Central European nation-states that lasted from 1918 to 1989. Fortunately, the system of strictly controlled state borders, security barriers, iron curtains, and barbed wire that hinders barrier-free trade, moving, travel and intellectual contact is a past phenomenon.

The bilingual volume presents the inter-ethnic relations between Slovakia and Hungary, as well as a selection of settlement surveys and analyzes, with the aim of summarizing the experiences and lessons learned from the practices developed in the multi-national settlements of the Ister-Granum Euroregion and thus the book on inter-ethnic relations is available for those who are interested in this issue.