European perspective



  • Author

    Sabine Zillmer, Thomas Stumm

  • Year of publication


  • Language

    German (DE)



Potenziale für transnationale und grenzüberschreitende Partnerschaften durch Nutzung des Instruments der EVTZ


This study was published by Spatial Foresight in 2012 and it was written in German language. The study examines the possibilities of applying the EGTC tool for transnational and cross-border cooperation. The central chapter of the study summarizes the experiences with the EGTC instrument which has been functioning for six years.

Beside of the legal background, the authors separately analyzed the issue of establishing and operating the EGTCs. The study covered the experiences of existing and operating EGTCs and the experiences of the EGTC which are in establishing process. The authors analyzed the existing literature; moreover, they conducted focus group discussions and telephone interviews with the aim to gather further information.

The authors found that at the time of writing the study, 31 EGTCs were registered. Among them, the EGTCs with cross-border cooperation context dominated. Interregional cooperation was much more marginal, while they could not identify any EGTCs with transnational character. The study analysed the reasons of success and failure of the different EGTC models. The document reflected on the arguments for and the argument against establishing an EGTC. On the basis of the experience, a general decision model was compiled for those who consider establishing an EGTC.