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  • Author

    Frédéric Durand

  • Year of publication


  • Language

    French (FR)



Réflexions sur la production des espaces transfrontaliers


The main purpose of the article is to provide a theoretical overview about creating of the cross-border space and to analyze its complexity and structure.

In order to understand the issue, a new conceptual framework was developed. On the one hand, contextual factors are involved in the production of cross-border space because they influence the spatial dynamics within this space. On the other hand, two processes play simultaneously: the border highlights the paradoxical relationship between the (geo)political and social approach towards the border; while cross-border integration is the driving force behind cross-border space production.

In order to better understand the characteristics and functioning of the latter process, the concept was deconstructed, highlighting four dimensions (structural, functional, institutional and conceptual). The last part contains the application of the cross-border production analysis grid through the example of the cross-border metropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.