European perspective



  • Author

    James Wesley Scott

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  • Language

    English (EN)



The European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation as a Process of Europeanisation


This contribution discusses how the concept and process of Europeanisation are linked to territorial and cross-border cooperation (CBC); it also delves into debate surrounding the various theoretical and normative assumptions that underpin understandings of both. The author argues that in order to gauge the significance of European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs) it is necessary to consider how Europeanisation processes can be either ‘measured’ or otherwise ascertained.

Evidence from research that investigates the role of CBC in European Cohesion Policy is provided to foreground a brief discussion of EGTCs. Based on the experiences of EGTCs, the author ventures an interpretation of Europeanisation as a gradual process of co-creation. Moreover, focusing on its practical significance, the argument is out forward that, despite their shortfalls, EGTCs (as well as other forms of cross-border cooperation) represent networked and situated learning processes that connect communities together.