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The treasures of the Szigetköz – Csallóköz region – International Media Day

The focus of the thematic media day was to promote the regions of Szigetköz and Csallóköz, and it was organised by the Arrabona EGTC and the OOCR Žitný ostrov.

The two organisations made two introductory tours, the destinations of which were chosen from the tours available on the Cultractive website ( 

In Szigetköz, the participants visited, among other places, the Herb Garden of the Pannonhalma Abbey, the Mosonmagyaróvár Castle, which was renovated within the framework of the National Castle Programme, and later on, they could admire the almost untouched natural landscape of Szigetköz during a water tour, but they visited the Janos Xantus Zoo in Győr too.

In Csallóköz, the first stop was the Cséfalvay watermill in Dunajský Klátov, followed by Malkia Park in Dióspatony and the nearby Slovakia Ring, home to motor sports. The participants of the media day also visited ŠAMORÍN, the village of Báč and the Amade (Pfeifer) Castle in Nyékvárkony.

This project was supported by the European Regional Development Fund under the CultacrossM+ project (SKHU/WETA/1901/4.1/101).

Source of the article: Arrabona EGTC