Pontibus EGTC


Support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (HU) for the use of external expert services for the preparation of the 3rd PA action plan of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program


  • Source

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (HU)

  • Budget

    not a financial aid

  • Project partners

    HÉTFA Research Institution (HU)

  • Time of implementation



The aim of the tender was ensuring professional services to develop the grant application to be submitted to the 3rd priority axis of the Interreg V-A SK-HU Cooperation Programme. The Ministry chose the expert, the HÉTFA research institution, through a procurement procedure. The grant from the tender provided expert assistance, not financial support, therefore the Association did not need to co-finance. We had many technical meetings with the project partners and experts during the creation of the action plan.