Literature of particular Hungarian EGTCs



  • Author

    Erika Törzsök, András Majoros

  • Year of publication


  • Language

    English (EN), Hungarian (HU)



A comparative analysis of the evolution of EGTCs at the Hungarian-Slovakian border – A magyar-szlovák határ mentén létrejött EGTC-k összehasonlító elemzése


The project implemented by the cooperation between the Hungarian Civitas Europica Centralis Foundation and the Slovakian Janos Selye University, and with the support of the International Visegrad Fund, has been devoted to the comparison of the EGTCs established on the Hungarian-Slovakian border.

The research is based on a collection of statistical data, a questionnaire survey and personal interviews. It principally examined the antecedents (political-economic frameworks, main motivation of the establishment) of the founded groupings, the already achieved results as well as future prospects. The new research methodology could also be suitable for the comparison of EGTCs aiming at the revitalization of other border regions. For the preparation of the research report – besides the quoted sources – we also used the main conclusions of the conference held at the Janos Selye University on 28 May 2015.