Literature of particular Hungarian EGTCs



  • Author

    Endre Sik, Ráchel Surányi

  • Year of publication






The research of the volume relates to the Hungarian-Ukrainian, Hungarian-Slovak triple-border area, cross-border relations and identity.

The volume seeks a sociological analysis of the border region, it covers a wide range of research areas, outlining ideas that are useful in sociologically inspired work on borders; it presents the historical, economic, ethnic, and political structure of the triple border and summarizes its territorial context. Furthermore, it presents the most important institutional actors, some peculiarities of the labor market of the region, the characteristics of the networks connecting the actors, the identities expressed in the area of ​​the triple border.

Border research has developed into an interdisciplinary and independent field of science, with proliferating research focusing on effects of the border, such as mental maps and the impact of the proximity of the border on the regional, ethnic and EU identity of the population.