Via Carpatia EGTC


Three projects of the Via Carpatia EGTC have reached milestones

The first project aiming the renovation of two educational centres of the Beautiful Cserehát cross-border Territorial Action Plan for Employment () was successfully completed. The results of the project were demonstrated at an online closing conference on 12 March.

The newly launched project called ‘Find your way to the labour market’ the opening conference of which also took place on 12 March 2021, is based on the results of the previous one. Within the framework of the newly started project, the partners organise training courses for unemployed people so that they can be successful in the labour market. The opening of the marketplaces in the framework of the project called ‘Meet the local needs’, which is also part of the action plan, can be expected in the next few months, as the construction works are coming to an end.

Within the I-CARE SMART project, the Via Carpatia EGTC carried out a representative survey and its promotion among the elderly. From the region of Košice, more than 700 elderly persons participated in the survey, which focused on the identification of the problems, needs and interests of the elderly. The EGTC also contacted companies and institutions that are working on smart technologies for and to be tested by the elderly people. Within the framework of the -challenge, they invited institutions to present their ideas and activities aiming to improve the lives of the elderly.

Within the framework of the CITYCIRCLE project, an experimental activity is being prepared to analyse the waste management of schools. The EGTC focused on the analysis of the separate waste collection and biological waste treatment of the schools in the region of Košice. Accordingly, a survey was carried out in the secondary schools in the region (approx. 70 schools) on the ways of separate waste collection and waste treatment therein. The process has shown which schools wanted to participate in these kinds of activities, so the EGTC would be able to help them in waste treatment within the framework of pilot activities.

Source of the article: Via Carpatia EGTC