Tisza EGTC


Conference volume: Helping the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine through the example of Zakarpattia Oblast


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    English (EN), Hungarian (HU), Ukrainian (UA)


The publication of three languages contains the professional material of the international conference called ‘Helping the Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine by the example of the Zakarpattia Oblast’, the greetings of the conference, the presentations and the proposals made by the participants, intended to rectify the legal situation of the EGTCs in Ukraine. The proposals were sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the competent ministry of Ukraine. The publication can provide new information to every reader, which can be a source of inspiration or a new, creative idea for their research or studies, and we hope that the efficient use of the publication can promote the widening the international European cooperation spectrum and the development of cross-border relationships and the region.