MuKoBridge HUHR/1902/2.1.4/0002 – An opening conference was held for the project focusing on the construction of the Mura Bridge, connecting Murakeresztur and Kotoriba

The opening conference of the Mura Bridge project, which facilitates road traffic and cycling between Murakeresztur and Kotoriba, took place on 16 July 2021.

Joint tourism marketing strategy for the municipalities of the MURA REGION EGTC

The aim of the shared marketing strategy is to ensure the target-oriented development of the key products of the region and to construct the tourism image of the region. In addition, the strategy provides a base to create a successful tourism marketing campaign, which could increase the publicity of the region and also the number of tourists visiting the destination area. High quality, responsible and sustainable tourism product development in the region, and at the same time, determining the leading tourism products of the region, on which the strategy can be based; establishing the tourism image and regional brand of the region; the professional and market oriented promotion of the tourism of the region are also part of the strategy.

Two Rivers one Goal II.

Mura Region EGTC – Heritage

Gastronomic heritage of Mura Region EGTC.

Two Rivers one Goal

Project’s objective was the development of a joint water-based tourism product alongside the rivers Mura and Drava and the creation of an attractive water-based tourism destination image of the target area. As a result of the project following attractions have been created: info point in Goričan (Croatia) promoting the new tourism product; upgraded artificial lake in Goričan; seven mobile piers (4 on Hungarian side and 3 on Croatian side of river Mura); two boat storages designed for organizing boat tours were built; one resting place and one exhibition space/visitor centre in Molnári (Hungary) presenting culture and tradition. In Donji Vidovec (Croatia) an exhibition space was established promoting gold panning tradition.