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    Jens Gabbe

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    English (EN)



Legal status of cross-border co-operation structures – past, present and prospects


The development of cross-border co-operation as far as to the establishment of stable structures is always a process. The legal status of cross-border co-operation and the necessary instruments for co-operation are a quite complicated subject, thus despite the fact that cooperation between regional authorities across the whole of Europe is constantly deepening, the vastly different national competences, structures and legal systems are still the most common and largest barriers to cooperation.

The current document aims to look at the some relating dimensions, like the current legal instruments that aim to simplify cross-border, interregional and transnational cooperation; growing need for opportunities for co-operation under public law; added-value and need of the EU’s legal instrument; content of the EGTC and membership; competences and benefit of an EGTC.