Hungarian overview



  • Author

    Zsuzsanna Fejes

  • Year of publication


  • Language

    Hungarian (HU)



A határon átnyúló együttműködések jogi és közigazgatási feltételei – Különös tekintettel a magyar határrégiókra


The aim of my dissertation is to examine one of the priority areas of European regional policy, the institutionalization of cross-border cooperation at the sub-national level and the legal and administrative conditions which are necessary for the implementation of Euroregional strategic partnerships.

I would like to highlight the different legal conditions and administrative competences that make cooperation difficult between sub-national levels, and the responsibility of the European institutions and the member states to provide the legal conditions necessary for multilevel governance. Moreover, I write about the tensions arising from institutional diversity and I review the causes, forms and effects of the development of institutional diversity in relation to cross-border cooperation.