Scholarship program for young people in the HU-SRB border region

With the professional contribution of the BTC EGTC, a scholarship program aimed at getting to know the economic development processes of the Serbian-Hungarian border region was announced within the framework of the project No. SCHOLAR-SME HUSRB / 1903/43/0008.

The BTC EGTC E-Transport project has arrived at a new (charging) station

Significant progress has been made on the ROHU422 E-Transport project managed by the Banat-Triplex Confinium EGTC. For the first time in the region, electric charging stations were established and handed over in Mórahalom, which now are available for electric vehicles and buses for charging since the beginning of March 2021.

2018 BTC EGTC, the innovation bridge of the region

The publication titled ‘2018 BTC EGTC, the innovation bridge of the region’ was published in 2018 in four languages, and it was published with the operating and development support of the tender identification number EGTC-17-0001 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The publication demonstrates the organisation and membership of the BTC EGTC and the purpose of establishing the BTC EGTC. It contains information about the action plans in relation with the Stratregy Plan of the BTC EGTC (Agroclimate IB, Balkan gate IB, Agglomeration IB- Integrated, cross-border agglomeration intervention, Bartók IB -Integrated, cross-border cultural innovation intervention), also the work of the professional workshops regarding project development and it demonstrates the development project of the Hungarian-Serbian International Incubator Center. It reports on the initatives of the organisation: the launch of the ‘Business matching portal’, and the ‘Bathing programme’ executed by the cooperation of Mórahalom and Makó. The publication also briefly describes the BTC EGTC’s participation in international professional events and the EGTC’s network cooperation.

The establishment of an international incubator along the Hungarian-Serbian border in Mórahalom

The idea of establishing the Hungarian-Serbian International Incubator Center was inspired by the reinforcement of the Serbian-Hungarian economic relations. The incubator based in Mórahalom would enable starting and establishing SMEs in the region, and providing corresponding services (legal, financial, project development, partner arranging services, etc.). Its main goal is to help enterprises of Vojvodina get into the EU market, accelerate the development of SMEs and ensure the conditions of their establishment, enterprise development based on logistic services and preparing Serbian SMEs for joining the EU. The project aims to contribute to keep the border region by presenting the enterprises of Vojvodina in the EU markets, establishing new enterprises, stimulating the already existing economic market relationships and utilizing the opportunities of transit economy. As a result of the tender of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we have a preparatory study for the project and an effective constructional-technical plan documentation.

Updating of the Development Strategies of Local Municipalities and Elaboration of Cross-Border Common Sectorial Development Operational Programmes and Projects

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