DANUrB+ Danube Urban Brand+ (Building Regional and Local Resilience through the Valorization of Cultural Heritage)

The programme’s aim is to strengthen the Danubian identity and to create a common cultural network and a tourism brand. The main objective of the multiannual programme’s projects is to create the “European Cultural Route”, a comprehensive spatial and cultural network which connects and brings together every community by the Danube under a brand name as a single tourist destination.

Komfort (Joint Development of the Fortress System of Komárno and Komárom)

The fortification system of Komárom-Komárno is already a major tourist attraction in the border region and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. To make the fortification system an even bigger tourist attraction, the Komfort project includes infrastructure renovations in the New Fortress in Komárno (SK) and in the Fort Igmándi in Komárom (HU).

Kn-Kn ImproTrans (Improvement of cross-border public transport services between Komárno (SK) and Komárom (HU))

The aim of the cooperation is to improve the quality and conditions of public bus transport between Komárom (HU) and Komárno (SK). The project includes daily transport with an electronic bus between the two cities. Bus terminals and bus stops in both municipalities have been renovated.

CULTPLAY – Interactive Thematic Parks – Innovative Use of Cultural Heritage

The strategic objective of the CULTPLAY project is to involve local residents and visitors in using the existing cultural heritage in a new way. CULTPLAY parks have been built in 9 municipalities (SK: Nové Zámky, Komárno, Hurbanovo, Kolárovo, Šaľa, HU: Komárom, Tata, Oroszlány, Kisbér) in order to present the cultural heritage on both sides of the Danube. CULTPLAY parks are thematic parks that can be used by children as playgrounds, and they also include augmented reality development, which will be available in 3 languages (HU, SK, EN).

Tourism improvements in the region

A meeting of EGTCs and tourism organisations from Western Hungary took place on 18 June 2021 in the framework of the project backed by the DANUrB+ Danube Transnational Programme. 

INSiGHTS – Integrated Slow, Green and Healthy Tourism Strategies

Danube Regions have outstanding natural and cultural resources in need to be protected. At the same time, they have a great potential to become attractive destinations for the fast growing trend of slow, green and healthy tourism.
To find solutions on how to make regions more attractive to tourists 13 partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia have joined forces in the INSiGHTS project – Integrated Slow, Green and Healthy Tourism Strategies co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.
Within the framework of the project eight integrated and sustainable tourist strategies have been developed in total.