Team building day in Szilvásvárad

As part of the project “Turisztikai fejlesztés az EGTC területén”, a two-day Team Building was held in Szilvásvárad.

Thematic evening focused on innovation

In the first days of July 2021, a meeting was organised called “Thematic evening focused on innovations” where project partners and representatives of universities in Košice took place.

Find your way to the labour market course

As part of the Szépcserehát Territorial Action Plan for Employment, in May and June 2021, two rounds of the “Find your way to the labor market” training were implemented in Szepsi and Encs under the direction of the Via Carpatia EGTC.

Three projects of the Via Carpatia EGTC have reached milestones

The first tender of the Beautiful Cserehát Cross-border Action Plan for Employment (Through renovation to the education) was successfully completed, and two educational centres were renewed within the framework of it.