Within the framework of the “Green Arrabona” project, the Herb Garden in Győr was renewed

The Herb Garden in Győr has become even more attractive with the cooperation of the Győr County Municipality, the Green Strength Environmental Protection and Beautification Association and the Arrabona EGTC, within the framework of the “Green Arrabona” project.

The infrastructure development of cultural and public spaces and local social organisation for the development strategy of the local municipal community

Builcogreen – Supporting special municipal management tasks and sharing good practices between the municipal districts of the Arrabona EGTC

Perpetual calendar

A perpetual calendar operating as an inventory of the most significant cultural and musical programmes and events of Győr and Dunajská Streda, with the date of the event of the month and a characteristic picture.


Culture across borders

The municipality of Horný Bar and the Arrabona EGTC cordially invite you to the cultural event “Culture across borders”, which is part of the “Cultural development in Horný Bar/ Rozvoj kultúry v Hornom Bare” („Kultúrbár”, Culture Bar) project (ID number: SKHU/WETA/1901/1.1/108).

Location: Horný Bar, Slovakia – the square next to the town hall

16:00 – 16:10 Opening ceremony, welcome speech
16:20 – 16:50 Dance performance by BRONSIS Club
17:00 – 17:30 Halászi Dalkör – performing folk songs from Szigetköz and Csallóköz
17:40 – 18:10 Musical performance by actorAttila Pörneczi
18:20 – 18:50 Dance performance by Lajta Néptáncegyüttes
19:00 – 19:30 Somló Banda’s show „Békeucca“

Partnership building event

A partnership building event was held in Gönyű, Hungary as part of our project “Kultúrbár” (Culture Bar, SKHU/WETA/1901/1.1/108), together with our member municipalities. Several topics were discussed during the event, such as the provision of municipal social services, the establishment and running of retirement homes, the construction and operation of public buildings. In connection with these topics, several opportunities for cross-border operation were identified, which are worth exploring in more detail in the future. The second half of the event consisted of a performance by the Cimbora folk choir from Béke, followed by the celebration of our organisation’s 10th anniversary. The event closed with a visit of the town’s attractions.

CultacrossM+ Closing ceremony

Arrabona EGTC, based in Győr, and OOCR Žitný ostrov held their joint project closing event and press conference on 1 July in Dunajská Streda. The aim of the joint cooperation was to promote the Szigetköz-Csallóköz cross-border tourist destination by presenting the region’s significant tourist assets. During the press conference, the Mayor of Dunajská Streda and the directors of the two organisations expressed their intention to cooperate in the future. The Cultacross+ project has added a new dimension to the cooperation between the two organisations and thus to the two regions as well, as it has launched a regional tourism development, in addition to the previous cultural cooperation.

Cultractive Day

The event called Cultractive Day took place in the THERMALPARK in Dunajská Streda, where the Arrabone EGTC presented various interesting hiking trails, informative books, and maps. The event was organised within the framework of the CultacrossM+ project, a joint project and cooperation between Arrabona EGTC and OOCR Žitný ostrov.