European Common Future Building EGTC



The European Common Future Building European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability was registered on 17.10.2012 and involves 8 municipalities on the Hungarian-Romanian borderland. The operating area of ​​the EGTC covers a total of 575,6 km2, involving the area of ​​the Békési-hát and the eastern part of Arad County. Since September, 2016 the registered office of the EGTC is located in the Hungarian city of Battonya, while the total population of the grouping is 34 254.

The general objective of the EGTC is to strengthen the economic and social cohesion among its members in the framework of cross-border cooperation.

Specific objectives of the EGTC in its field of operation are:

  • elaboration of joint regional development plans, common project development and implementation of projects;
  • the establishment and operation of joint institutions facilitating cooperation and the maintenance of projects;
  • cooperation for the development of tourism: joint product development, development of tourism infrastructure, joint marketing;
  • joint tourism management.