Arrabona EGTC



The Arrabona European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability was registered on 15.06.2011 and it covers the Szigetköz and Mosoni-síkság in Hungary, the part of Sokoróalja directly connected to Győr, and the Žitný ostrov, Medzičiližie and Matúšova zem regions in Slovakia all together covering 1 100 km2 border area. The Cooperation currently has 36 member settlements of which 5 have city status: Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár on the Hungarian side, while Dunajská Streda, Šamorín and the newly joined Veľký Meder on the Slovak side. The headquarters of the Association is in Győr, the EGTCs total population is 261 908.

The main objective of the EGTC is to strengthen economic and social cohesion, to promote cross-border cooperation between its members, and to contribute to preserving and maintaining the balance of the Danube Valley as an ecosystem.

Therefore, the EGTC has the specific objective of implementing programmes and projects in the field of territorial cooperation, co-financed by the European Union, and developing social and technical infrastructure.