Muraba EGTC


A treasury of the Porabje region was established


  • Date

    February 2021

  • Place

    Rábavidék (HU)


As a result of the cooperation of 6 municipalities and the active participation of the Muraba EGTC, a gap-filling treasury was established at the beginning of February 2021, including all municipal governments of the Porabje. 

The leaders of the concerned municipalities decided to start exploring and nurturing the values of the region together as a joint initiative of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and the Muraba EGTC. In order to achieve this, the members of the Treasury Committee were unanimously accepted: President Károly Holecz and members of the Committee: Gyöngyi Bajzek, László Kovács, Sándor Bedics and dr. Ferenc Sütő.

The event was held at the building of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Slovenian parliamentary advocate Erika Kissné Köles was present at the event as well.

The more equally high-quality local value is present in a Treasury, the stronger and more well known in terms of culture and tourism it is. Since the region is characterised by small villages, which all have high quality and special local values, it would be advisable to nurture these values together, so that the region can de depicted as a true unity.

Source of the article: Muraba EGTC