Arrabona EGTC


Within the framework of the Green Arrabona project, the Herb Garden in Győr was renewed


  • Date

    March 2021

  • Place

    Győr (HU)


The Herb Garden in Győr has become even more attractive with the cooperation of the Győr County Municipality, the Green Strength Environmental Protection and Beautification Association and the Arrabona EGTC, within the framework of the “Green Arrabona” project.

During the implementation of the project, as a direct beneficiary of the grant, the Arrabona EGTC created the so-called “Green Arrabona” platform in order to disseminate information on the developments as widely as possible and invited stakeholders to actively communicate their needs and ideas. The platform aims to create a network based on a common set of values and interests, the members of which, by helping and supporting each other, can work together to implement their own future developments.

The project covers the management of the green area while catering at the highest possible level to the satisfaction of the needs of the users of the Herb Garden, as well as the Garden’s development for educational purposes.

The following activities were implemented within the framework of the development:

  • Cutting, manual mowing and removal of undesirable shoots of noble poplar tree species found in the whole area.
  • Removal of acacia species in the area, prevention of their spread by cutting and removal by chemical treatment.
  • Establishment of a resting point in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance to the Herb Garden – with benches and tables made of logs, as well as renovation of the currently available rain shelters.
  • At the main entrance and at the end on the south side of the promenade, a small wooden gate has been made, and at the main entrance a large wooden gate has been installed.
  • Preparation of 2 study trail information boards and erection of 1 granite memorial plaque in honor of the work of Gyula Horváth, nature conservation guard.
  • Planting pedunculate oak seedlings along the study trail.

As a result of the development, the Herb Garden has been renewed and has become a place of recreation close to nature, accessible to everyone, also contributing to environmental education.

Source of the article: Arrabona EGTC